Chiropractic from the Heart

With Dr. Stew Bittman


He traveled the World as a Chiropractor, several Mission Trips to Panama changed his Work and Life. Who knows him, knows about his Love and Wisdom.  And: knows how a Weekend with him can change your own Life and your Office!

We are happy to have him around again in Munich in September 2016.


Would you love to serve and practice according to your deepest values and intentions? Does your head get in the way of practicing and living in alignment with what you know to be true in your heart? Do you go to seminars and get “pumped up” and then “lose it” quickly thereafter?

Join us for a “booster shot” of chiropractic principle, a host of tools to continually grow in consciousness and improve your life and practice, a safe place to release everything that no longer serves you and, generally, a life-changing weekend to fall back in love with chiropractic and yourself!

Friday night: Breathwork. A powerful, positive, safe and sacred experience. Using our own breathing to break through blocks, fears and stuck energy, we’re free to discover our own wholeness & love and serve more whole-heartedly

Saturday: Principled communication, core values, heart & headspace, philosophy, tools to overcome attachments, fears, doubts & negativity so we can align our doing with our highest values and the highest vision of who we are

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Seminar Facts-  Chiropractic from the Heart

2nd und 3rd  of  September 2016 

Friday 5 pm  Uhr bis 9 pm - Saturday 9.00 am bis 5 pm 

Location: Chiropraktik Lounge München- Munich Germany 

Chiropractic from the Heart- September 2016 in Munich

Limited Space- Register fast 

399,00 €

Chiropractic from the Heart- September 2016 in Munich STUDENT FEE

Limited Space- Register fast - ONLY FOR STUDENTS

249,00 €

Stew`s Facebook Post from 30th of march 2016: 

An open letter to my fellow chiropractors (and please be forewarned: this is far longer than a tweet!):

I sometimes wonder if there is anything we can all agree on, and in my more cynical moments, I think that perhaps there is one thing: we all agree that every other chiropractor who doesn’t think or practice exactly as we do is wrong. Not to mention stupid. So I guess that’s two things.

I’m writing with the sincere hope we can find something else to agree on. And with the sincere hope that we can stop finding reasons to disagree and stop abusing each other long enough for us to find it.

Even within my “side” of things in chiropractic, we seem to have no trouble at all finding things to disagree and disconnect about. Are we getting sick people well, or are we just removing a major impediment to their physiological ease? Are we touching something spiritual, even divine, when we adjust, or just improving function?

Meanwhile, there is a world out there full of people suffering and begging for what we have in our hands and hearts screaming their answer: “We don’t give a shit!!”

As chiropractors, we can separate over just about anything: philosophies, schools, seminars, techniques, stats, practice managers, fee systems, care plans, practice software, orthotics, cervical pillows…you name; you can find a knock-down-drag-out fight somewhere on Facebook about it

And then we wonder why people are a tad confused out there about chiropractic.

Let’s agree to agree on something for their sake! I’m even going to give one a shot right here, are you ready? Here goes: What we do as chiropractors has something to do with removing some type of irritation/interference from/in some part of the nervous system in order to improve the quality of someone’s life somehow. Whew. It sounds like legal-ese (I’m not suggesting it as a marketing campaign) but If we could agree on just that much, maybe we’d be able to see that no matter how far we diverge from each other in what and how we do that, and even why we do that, we’d still all be doing something that no one but a chiropractor does. We’d have something very powerful and very real and very unique in common!

Finding something in common might be the first step in learning to co-exist peacefully. That would be nice because I’d imagine none of us intends to go away any time soon.

Perhaps from peaceful co-existence we could even evolve into dialogue. That would be nice, too because we might even find more common ground than we expected. Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.” I think the same could be said about dialogue. As an Interfaith Minister, I’ve seen members of different religions finding (lots of) common ground and healing through dialogue. If it works with religions, there has to be hope for us!

From there we might even move on to mutual support based on common goals and intentions. That would be really nice because the ultimate winners in that deal would be all the folks out there.

And after being out of chiropractic practice for 7 years, I now think people are much smarter than I used to give them credit for. If we share with them our unique way of improving their quality of life, they’re perfectly capable of choosing between us based on what they are looking for and their perceived needs. None of us would have to give up anything we believe in. We might just think about giving up our habit of making each other wrong in order to make ourselves feel more right.

What we’re doing and why we’re doing it is already right if it’s what our heart and deepest values dictate. We’re all providing a beautiful, vital, powerful service. We’re all helping people. It could only help us to help people even more if we were a little more helpful to each other. Or at least a little less hateful and hurtful.

Thanks for listening.

In peace…and with the greatest respect and honor for you as a chiropractor,

Stew Bittman